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What is Team Coaching?

Team Coaching is a process to align the team members towards common goals and purposes. Through the team coaching, leaders and key decision makers will arrive at a deeper understanding of the team dynamic and culture, therefore, taking useful action steps.


There are common team coaching focuses. However, the most meaningful coaching focus and coaching agreement are generated from the partnership between the coach, team leaders and team members.


1. Why do I need coaching?

2. What are the coaching goals and outcomes?

3. What is the coaching process?

1. Why do I need coaching?

"Everyone needs a coach!" - Bill Gates.

Just like a mirror, we see ourselves clearer with a mirror shining through different angles. Through the coaching conversation, coaches will partner with Clients to gain more awareness, evoke more insights and eventually facilitate learning and transformation. The coaching goal is to unlock the individual's greatest potential!

It's never too late to bring out the best version of yourself!

2. What are the coaching goals and outcomes?

Coaching is the partnership between coach and client, serving the client's agenda, the coach and client will discuss the coaching goals during each session, and work out the coaching goals and milestones together.

Based on my experience with many individuals/organisations and many different types of organisation, the process and outcome are quite different as it highly depends on the followings:
1) whether the person is coachable (we do agree that not everybody is coachable, and the coach may not be suitable for all types of individuals or the topics), hence, building rapport and setting a great partnership is very important in the coaching process.
2) whether there is a clear and measurable coaching topic.
3) whether the client is coming to the coaching session with an open mind to join this partnership.
4) whether the client is trusting the coaching process.

3. What is the coaching process?

Coaching is a partnership, where the coach is partnering with clients to serve the client's agenda and goals. Coaches are using the coaching process to evoke the client's awareness and support clients in the transformation process, therefore unlock the client's inner potential. There is minimum "solution" or "teaching" offered by the coach during the coaching process as we believe our clients are already resourceful.

As coaching is not mentoring/consulting/training, it's not a curriculum. We are expecting client to bring the most relevant topic to the coaching session. We will generally ask the client to prepare the following before the session:
1) What would you like to talk about during the coaching session?
2) What would you like to achieve by the end of the coaching session?
3) How would you know that you have achieved your desired coaching outcome?

For the optimum outcome, the coaching conversation usually lasts around 45 mins for individual sessions, around 1 to 2 hours for group sessions depending on the group size and topic.

FAQ 1. Why do I need coacing?
FAQ 2. What are the coaching goals and outcomes?
FAQ 3. What is the coaching process?
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