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Image by Hunt Han

Monika Nguyenová


The path was in the shape of a circle.

As a cautious person, I usually find it very difficult to share my struggles. However, thanks to Joys coaching techniques using metaphors and storytelling. I have often found myself sharing information that I wasn't aware of until the very moment. As I like to call it, "she made me snitch on myself." Initially, It was tough for me to understand what exactly is she doing. But it was working!

My main problem was running in a cursed circle over and over again.
Each issue was too big to sort out. If I focused on one part, the other one would stand in the way.

Joy helped me to break down my demons, to focus on the seed of my fear.
With her technique of mirroring my thought with different words, I suddenly felt like if my problems were so small. 
I would describe my whole journey as escaping the circle – breaking it down – accepting it – restoring it – and surprisingly, in the end, repairing it back to a circle. 

The shape didn't change. Only the mindset and the point of view did.

I no longer see the circle as something that traps me, but as a beautiful object with a continuality and flow.
I would never grow if Joy served me the solutions. The coaching session's real magic is that she guided me through the way and let me find the answer by myself.  

She made me realised how I actually don't know anything about myself. 
I am glad to meet her in my 20s. That way, I have plenty of time to work on myself. 
These five sessions that I had with Joy are the first steps for me to become a better self.
I have finished our last session feeling like a new person – a different mindset and a new "garden "to work on.
How else to end this, then "Joy, you bought Joy into my life! "

Hope to invite you into my garden once again. 

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